Tanning Minutes

0.3 tanning

For many reasons there is a lot of bad stigma attached to tanning beds, so here at Urban Calm we decided to offer something a little different, 0.3 tanning.

0.3 is the wattage of the bulbs and is approved by the regulations authority complying with all British consumer safety regulations. Tanning with an output higher than this is deemed unsafe.

0.3 tanning dramatically reduces the risk of burning. Burning or over exposure must always be avoided, so 0.3 tanning is a significantly safer way of tanning. 

The tan will be deeper and longer lasting with the tanning process being kinder to your skin

Red-light therapy

Red Light Therapy is 100% natural and chemical-free. The natural red light used in the LED lamp penetrates the skin to activate cellular activity. 

Our red light therapy tanning bed is in compliant to the 0.3 tanning regulations. It is phenomenal! Combined with UV and red light therapy it treats issues on the skin as well as beneath the skin. 

Here are just some of the benefits of red-light;

🌟Heels cells 

🌟Speeds up mitochondrial production & health 

🌟Combats chronic fatigue 

🌟Helps with fat loss 


Reduces fine lines

Reduces wrinkle severity

Increases circulation

Rejuvenates the skin

Improves complexion

Improves the feeling of the skin

Enhances bone recovery

🌟Acne scars 



🌟persistent wounds 

🌟Improves natural collagen & helps tighten skin 

🌟Relieves muscle spasms 

🌟Improves blood flow 

🌟Relieves inflammation 


Client feedback; 


" I have had an under active thyroid for years and since using the red light therapy bed my thyroid levels are the highest they have been in years, all I have done differently lately is use the red light bed". . . "It has improved my skin 100%!! My pores on my face feel smaller, my skin feels tighter! I notice my skin changing totally!".


"My psoriasis has cleared up on my leg after five 8 minute sessions, i used to use the red light bed in the hospital but it is more convenient to just turn up and use the one here at Urban Calm". . . 


There are so many benefits this bed has we are yet to find out more.